5 Business Reference Letter Templates

A business reference letter which is also known as business recommendation letter is an official document provided by a client, supplier, or any other business associate person or contact. It is often used to verify the quality of a contractor company’s work or performance to a new customer. The business reference is a strong method to recommend or suggest the business to other potential clients, or to provide an endorsement of a contact for business uses.  The letter can be sent either via email or postal depending upon condition and availability, and must be containing professional and formal appearance. To make it professional, a business reference letter template could be the best possible option to choose.

A business reference letter starts with your name, post and contact information, and the name and contact information of the person who receiving the recommendation. In case of sending email the word reference or recommendation is used in the subject line and company’s or person’s name. Description of the letter, which is followed by the salutation, consists of information and examples regarding the quality measures of product and services the company offers. Additionally, the letter should also be mentioning that how satisfied you were with the performance, and offer to clarify points if any.

Nevertheless, business letters are always formal in nature, even if the purpose is negative, yet still it requires to be told in a polite manner. The contents of the letter necessarily requires to be particular and accurate. The length of the letter must be short but including all the essentials because business personnel don’t have enough time to read unnecessary lengthy letters. Users who wish to write this letter can make use of our free, editable and printable business reference letter templates given below in a variety of styles, fonts and colors. Scroll down to download the templates given below.

Here Are Business Reference Letter Templates


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