5 Phone Interview Follow Up Email Samples

If you have just passed your phone interview successfully and want to pay your kind regards by saying thank you to the employer of the company you have applied in or offered a job, you probably have to draft a phone interview follow up email to show your kind gestures. In such case, you definitely need a device or tool that can help you knowing the right and appropriate format of this email especially if you are going to write it for the very first time and worried how to format it in a good and effective way, then suggestion is to utilize a phone interview follow up email templates listed in the bottom of this page.

Basically, a phone interview follow up email which is also known as thank you email is composed and sent to an employer for the purpose of thanking him for considering you. When a person is interviewed for a job position via phone, it is essential to follow up with a thank you letter or email just like you do it after a face to face interview session. Various employers prefer to do first job interview over the phone. Additionally, the HR manager makes contact with candidate to set up a phone appointment, which makes it easy for the employer to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the job post or not.

Throughout the whole scheduled phone interview, a person is asked a questionnaire regarding his or her job experience, qualifications, training, abilities and skills so that it can be determined whether he or she is an appropriate person for the job or not. So if you are happy with your phone interview and want to draft a phone interview follow up email to thank your employer in a formal and impressive way then go below and download the following templates.

Below Are Phone Interview Follow Up Email Samples