4 Bonus Structure Templates

Bonus is considered a very motivational and encouraging tool for employees and workers. If you own a business and want to reward your employees with bonuses, you will need to structure a bonus and you can do so easily using a bonus structure template. A bonus is an additional amount of payment … Continue reading

6 Grocery List Templates

Grocery list template is very helpful for you in order to purchase the grocery and house hold items of all kinds in single market visit. Shopping of grocery will be a very intimidating task if you don’t have a grocery list with you while going out to the market. Some of the people when coming … Continue reading

6 Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates

The term auction means to sell the things to willing people in a group by telling the price of goods and the buyer who offers the large amount, takes the thing home. But this type of auction is very noisy and time consuming because it never happens so quickly that you find a suitable buyer for the … Continue reading

5 Fax Cover Sheet Templates

  Download fax cover sheet templates from this page. A fax cover sheet is a document that is sent via fax to a recipient right before your real fax message. Cover sheet is an optional tool in fax marketing. The major purpose of this document is to recognize the sender plus, provide some … Continue reading

4 Direct Deposit Form Templates

Salary or payment is an important part of any of the employee’s life because it is the time when there is a reward of hard work and struggles from employer. Some of the business management organizes to provide salaries using manual method of giving the salaries by hand to the employees but in … Continue reading