5 Fax Cover Sheet Templates


Download fax cover sheet templates from this page. A fax cover sheet is a document that is sent via fax to a recipient right before your real fax message. Cover sheet is an optional tool in fax marketing. The major purpose of this document is to recognize the sender plus, provide some contact information and to state the intended recipient and their information. If you want to send this cover sheet before your fax message, you can use a fax cover sheet template which enables you to format this document.

The major components of fax cover sheet typically includes name of the sender and receiver, fax number of the sender and the recipient, telephone number of the sender, subject, date and time of fax sending, number of pages etc. Further, it is a very professional document and comes handy for business personnel whether they are a part of company, free lancer, supplier, or working in an organization. Using a fax cover sheet template one can easily create this sheet to identify the sender of the document and provide necessary contact information. Several businessmen consider it the best practice to include this document along with their fax messages.

Now you can create as many fax cover sheets as you want or need because we have put together a variety of templates which you will find at the end of this page. All these templates are easily editable, customizable as well as printable. What you just need to do is scroll down the page and select any of the templates of your choice, click the download button to download the file and open it using supportive format. Make necessary modification (if necessary) and print as many copies as you want by connecting printer with your system. Go ahead and download our free and printable fax cover sheet templates listed here.

Below Are Fax Cover Sheet Templates