5 Charitable Donation Receipt Templates

Download our free charitable donation receipt templates which will help you to generate receipts, that provide documentation to those people who donate to your non-profit organization or institute, and serves as a precise record of donation for tax purposes. A charitable donation receipt is a document issued to a person when he or she donates to an institution or organization. It acts as a proof or evidence that certain person has donated a particular amount to a certain organization. No matter what sort of charity funds you have to mange in your routine job, this extremely helpful receipt will help you a lot.

If you need to create this tool to create receipts for your non-profit organization then feel free to download our non-profit donation receipt templates. Throughout the year, a great number of people like to make generous donations to their selected charity. Quite often, people make two or more than two times charity donations to an organization over the year. In such cases, the charitable donation provided to a charity either in the form of cash or cheque. In this regard, grantor or donator necessarily has to get proof that they indeed made a donation to charity. This is where charitable donation receipt comes handy for you especially at the time of taxation.

Nevertheless, every non-profit organization has to make sure that they have this receipt to give to those people who make donations for their records as well as recipient’s records. The receipt contains all the essential information that is required to go through the charity process, say name of the donator, organization’s name, name of the recipient, date and day of issuance of receipt, contact information and address of the donator, amount of donation, organizational details and logo, signature of the involved parties etc. Following are the charitable donation receipt templates.

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