5 Statement Of Work Templates Word

Statement of work or SOW is a document that generally contains list of tasks or actions to be completed by a contractor or project manager under terms and conditions of a specific contract. It is often prepared as the imperative part of the contract or agreement to let the contractor know that what the client want get done in mentioned period of time. It makes thing clear for parties before entering into the final contract to carry out a particular project or job. Statement of work template word can direct you to compose the precise statement of work for a project or activity.

Statement of work is considered as the most important thing in project management as it outlines the works or tasks that a contractor or project manager will accomplish for the client in order to get paid in full. A project manager can use details included in the SOW to develop better project plan for successful execution of the project without getting out of way. On another hand, client or other concerns can also use the same document to track performance of the project team or to verify that whether all requirements of the contract are successfully met or not.

When a prospective client or customer submit a request for proposal to the vendor or supplier in order to get a proposal for required work done, the submitted proposal from the supplier or vendor in response of RFP may also include a detailed statement of work to let the customer know that what type of services or products the supplier will provide as the best match of customer’s need. A fresh person can use statement of work template as good starting point to draft error free and professional looking statement of work for a particular project or contract.

There Are Statement Of Work Templates Word