6 Genogram Templates

A useful tool that allows you to graphically represent members of a family and their relationships with each other for a specific purpose is known as genogram. It can also be named as family tree or family map but it is little bit different from family tree as it is prepared with special signs to indicate relationships and other major events for multiple generations of the family. One can draft it easily with pen and paper if aware about basic rules of making a genogram. Hence, Genogram templates are also useful to create such diagrams with ease.

Medical experts and health care professionals generally use this diagram to understand identify prototypes of mental or physical illness in whole family or among different members of the family. Data collection is the very first step to make a genogram as it shows basic details and necessary information about each and every member of the family. A medical expert or health care professional may need to meet with all members of family for data collection purpose as the first phase of making the genogram. Once, required data and information is successfully obtained, you can use genogram template Microsoft word to put a genogram together easily.

It has resemblance with family tree as it shows members of a family on one page along with relationship status they all have with each other, but it is prepared for variety of different purposes. It is prepared to portray different details about the family and its member and making one from scratch could be time consuming task. Internet has number of tools that can be used to make this document or diagram and genogram template is commonly used to do so. Here we have gathered wide range of genogram templates Microsoft word for our valuable users.

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