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A ready to use service invoice template is part of our templates collection and you can simply customize the template in Microsoft word program to make it fit as per business needs. A commercial document prepared and issued by a seller to buyer that discloses basic and necessary details of a sales transaction just like name of the buyer, type of goods or service involved, quantity of goods, agreed price, payment method and other terms and conditions etc is known as invoice. Invoices are prepared for various transactions and can be used in business field for variety of reasons. Service invoice is a common type of invoices usually prepared by service Provider Company or business for customers. Service invoices are prepared for both professional and non professional services. Service invoice is just like other types of invoices but information or details a company or seller need to include on a service invoice can be vary depending on the specific services provided. It is a best and professional way to document a services related transaction to prevent misunderstandings in future.

More about Service Invoice Template:

A service invoice is a legal document explaining detailed information for a transaction where a customer receives a service or services on demand from an individual person or company in exchange of specified sum of money. Service invoices can be different based on contents and elements mentioned in them. These can be prepared for legal, medical, accounting, consulting, housecleaning and babysitting services. Consultants, repair personal and freelancer are some common professionals who prepare and issue service invoices for their customers or clients. It is the document with which you bill clients or customers and it also acts as a receipt for your customers. The importance of an efficient service invoicing process cannot be understated because it lets a business or individual person to keep track of services provided as well as record of all service transactions to make up financial reports at the end of year. Getting paid quickly is most important for every business or company in order to enjoy a smooth cash flow and service invoices help service providers a lot to get payment in time.

Whether you are providing services to customers as a freelancer or running a large service provider company, making of service invoices can be one of your major responsibilities to bill your customers for services provided. Business organizations, companies and individual professionals who provide services to their clients or customers, often look for easy to use and less expensive way to prepare service invoices. Large number of handful tools and techniques is available on web that can be used for this purpose. Here we have a service invoice template which is best alternative to expensive software and computer programs that companies are using to create service invoices. This service invoice template is simple, easy to use and formatted in Microsoft excel program that can be customized to fit your specific circumstance or transaction. Really, you have to pay nothing for this template because it is completely free to download into personal computer or laptop.

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Service Invoice Template