5 Warranty Certificate Templates

According to the contract law, the term warranty has various meanings, however generally it means a promise or a guarantee, that provides word of honor by one party to another that particular terms and conditions are certain. It is a guarantee that a manufacturer or other party makes concerning the condition of its product. It also refers to the terms and conditions in which adjustments or exchanges will be made in the event that the product is not functioning as primitively characterized or expected. Various products and services available in the market have warranties along with them.

Any product that comes with warranty card is supposed to be safe option for the buyer and thus, the buyer is more likely to buy that product. In this regard, warranty becomes beneficial for both buyer and seller. Moreover, a document which proves the warranty of the product is known as warranty certificate which can be easily created using a warranty certificate template. It is a piece of paper which contains all the necessary information regarding the coverage of risk that the seller is providing for the sale of product. Moreover, a well crafted warranty certificate must have some necessary features including good language, parts as well as services coverage, time period of guarantee of product, instruction of how to claim warranty in case of damage or loss.

If your business or company deals in products or services, your customers require a note or document proving warranty in order to assure that the products or items they are going to purchase will be free of faults and work for the long time period as the company claims. If you want to create this note for your goods then use a warranty certificate template. For this purpose, go ahead and download our budget friendly and printable warranty certificate templates given here.

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