5 General Journal Templates

General journal is an accounting tool normally used to keep the complete and accurate record of all the business transactions and entries for a mentioned period of time in an organized manner for record keeping purpose. In short, the general journal template chronologically stores and contains all the journal entries of a business transactions and events in a specific place to keep proper track of financial transactions and dealings of the business or company.

Purpose of general journal template

General journal usually records every single transaction which is made by the business owner or company for the sake of business to visualize them in front of the higher authorities after a specific period of time. The time period of analyzing the general journal either may be a day, a week or a month as well according to the policies of business. basically a general journal is primary record of all accounting transactions made by the business that helps business management in making further financial statements and reports at the end of accounting period.

General journal is a term related with the record keeping system of a firm, company or a business to track all the events and transactions made by the owners or business managers for the development of business or company. Many of the companies use to have different types of journals but making and organizing of general journal is the most common to all because these are the primary entries which are very important to record. Our general journal template is very helpful to construct editable general journal on personal computer or laptop for keeping the record of all the important events and business transactions in an organized manner.

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General Journal Format

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Sample Blank Journal

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Template For General Journal

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Accounting General Journal

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General Journal Printable Template

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